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We accept appointments by referral only.  Please see your primary care provider to see if a referral to our specialty clinic would benefit you.

We believe in fostering continuing medical education about the prevention, diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease and hypertension

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We believe that informed, educated patients are an essential part of managing chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure.  Be an active participant in your care!

Our Services

  • Optimizing evidence-based treatment strategies for chronic kidney disease and hypertension

  • Screening for secondary causes of hypertension where appropriate

  • Renal biopsies

  • Lifestyle and diet counselling

  • Ambulatory BP monitoring

  • Vascular Risk Modification

  • Pre-operative Clearance

  • Dialysis Education and Initiation

Meet the Doctors

We are a staff of highly skilled physicians that specializes in managing chronic kidney disease and hypertension. 

We believe in personalized care, tailored to the needs of each patient.

The clinic has recently transitioned to a paperless electronic medical record system.

This will enable more accurate documentation and seamless communication with your primary care providers in an effort to enhance your care.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention Clinic and Regional Hypertension Clinic

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Windsor Regional Kidney Care Centre
Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention Clinic
Regional Hypertension Clinic

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